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INEC BARS APC FROM 2019 Elections

It came as a shock and surprise to many when INEC announced that it had barred APC Zamfara state from all elective positions in 2019. The electoral umpire did this because according to them, APC Zamfara state failed to hold its primary elections within the stipulated time.

A lot of people have come out to laud this gesture, saying it means that the independent national electoral commission is actually independent and that it wouldn’t be business as usual. As expected, APC will have none of it, the chairman of the party comrade Adams Oshiomole has challenged the decision.

He stated that elections are not the only ways political parties have to choose a candidate, therefore they held a meeting and consensus candidates were chosen.

There were also some stories going around that Zamfara APC held elections with INEC observers present. However, INEC has refuted that claim, saying none of her officers in Zamfara observed any APC primary elections.

If what INEC has said stands, this is what it means for APC Zamfara; they’ll not field candidates in Zamfara governorship, or National assembly and state Assembly in the forthcoming general elections.

There are only two things APC can do now, it’s either they prove that they held elections with observers from INEC present or they go to court. The APC chairman has already said that they’ll be going to court to challenge INEC’s decision.

This is the letter from INEC.

Inec Bars apc from 2019 elections

For now, all we can do is fold our hands and watch this play out.

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