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Chioma Has Broken Up With Davido

We had thought their relationship was something made in heaven, a happily ever after kind of something. However, we are hearing entirely something else. According to Kemi Olulonyo, Chioma has broken up with Davido. With all the assurances he gave her, if this this true, then it is really something bad. Here’s the tweet.

Blogger and social media influencer, Kemi Olulonyo has put up a post on her social media, Twitter to be precise saying that Chioma has left Davido.

She further blamed Davido for the incident, saying that he’s too possessive and that neither has she seen Chioma drive the Porsche nor shown up for her cooking deal.

 Chioma Has Broken Up With Davido

For now, neither Davido nor Chioma has come out to refute the claim. If Madam Kemi Olulonyo’s reputation is anything to go by, then, this might just be her seeking for attention.

Remember when she said Linda Ikeji wasn’t pregnant, and many more things she have said which have turned out not to be true.

We really do hope this is one of those times, she’s not telling the truth.

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