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Saraki and Akpabio in Face-off

There’s was a bit of chaos in the Senate on Wednesday as they bickered over sitting arrangement.  Sometime during plenary, Senator Bassey Akpan a PDP Senator from Akwa Ibom state raised a point of order. This was the beginning of the face-off between Saraki and Akpabio

He accused the APC of trying to use chaos as a tool to disrupt the governorship elections of Akwa Ibom state come 2019. As is expected an APC senator tried to refute the allegations, and this senator happened to be former Senate minority leader, God’swill Akpabio.

However, the Senate president, Dr. Bukola Saraki refused to let Senator God’swill Akpabio to speak. He said he wouldn’t be allowed to speak except he spoke from his seat. Saying that there was no mic where he was, therefore he won’t be heard. This decision split the house into several smaller groups. Senate Leader Ahmed Lawan rose to Akpabio’s defence. He said, “As it stand today in this chamber there is no organized sitting arrangement. If he decided to sit there, let him.” This display Saraki of course divided the house into many sides, as some argued for and against the sitting and non sitting arrangement.

The senators only calmed down after former governor Akpabio explained that the  seat was allocated to him by the clerk of the house. Akpabio was visibly embarrassed by the whole event on the floor of the house. He has since asked for an apology, both written and verbal too.  Many think that the face-off between Saraki and Akpabio are not unconnected to these events.

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