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UK Woman Falls off Bed During Lovemaking, Sues Bed Company

A 46 year old woman living in Maidenhead, Berks, Uk has become paralyzed after falling off her king-size bed during love making. Claire Busby has sued the bed making company, Berkshire Bed Company.

While she was in court she said “I spun around, I put my hand down and then I felt like I was catapulted off the back of the bed.

“My head hit the floor, I fell to the side and then I heard like a spring in my body snap, it felt like.”

This happened while she was in bed with her partner and wanted to change positions, and just one week after the beds where assembled in her home by the bed company. The mum of 4 has said that the bed was in a “defective state” and she’s suing for damages of up to 1 million pounds.

Of course the bed company have denied the allegations stating it is not their fault. There’s a back and forth between the plaintiff and defendant as to whether the bed was assembled properly or not. For now Claire is in a wheel chair as she tries to recover from her injuries. Her sister Natalie has come around to take care of her.

The case is ongoing.

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