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Ganduje-Gate: Jafar Jafar Testifies Amidst Protests

Not too long ago, there were videos making rounds on the internet, showing what appeared to be the Governor of Kano state pocketing bribes or more accurately kickbacks from contractors.

Since the videos surfaced online, there have been a lot of comments and counter comments as related to the case. The videos were published by Jafar Jafar the publisher of Daily Nigeria.

Gov. Abdullahi Ganduje and some sources close to him have said that the videos were doctored. In the videos he appeared to be seen collecting wads of dollars from contractors at multiple times and putting in his cloth. It wasn’t just one video. In his defense Gov. Ganduje has said he’s going to sue the Daily Nigeria and its publisher, Jafar Jafar for defaming his character.

A panel has been set up by the Kano state House of Assembly to investigate the matter, then it will be decided whether Gov. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje will be impeached or not. This is because a sitting governor is protected by immunity, therefore he can’t be tried in court.

So today Jafar Jafar appeared in the Kano State House of assembly as he was asked to, but he was greeted by protesters. He was invited to testify in the case against Ganduje and verify the authenticity of the video, which he had said prior to now is un-doctored.

Ganduje-Gate: Jafar Jafar Testifies Ganduje-Gate: Jafar Jafar Testifies

While he was at the House of Assembly today, there were lots of students coming out to protest. Or should we say they came out in solidarity to the governor. A good number of the children were preteens and teenagers.

Basically your average primary and secondary school students from the looks of the videos and photos. There were also adults in the crowd of protesters. They were carrying placards with inscriptions such as “Jafar your video will not stop us from voting Ganduje” “Kano Municipal students supports 4 + 4”. This would mean the reelection of the governor.

The results of the findings will be a time in coming, until then, we can tell neither Ganduje nor Jafar’s fate.

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