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4 Arrested By Police For Fake Products

Men for the Lagos state police command on  Wednesday arrested 4v men for allegedly making fake Dettol and Air wick and selling into the market. Dettol is a very popular Nigerian antiseptic, sued in bath waters and for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and cuts. While Airwick is a gel air freshener.

These men by the names Francis Ume, 32; Chidubem Achezie, 44; Peter Ume, 44; and Ejike Jacob, 41 where arrested after the police were tipped off to their activities.

The police went to their base of operations which happens to be a flat somewhere in Okokomaiko area of Lagos.

They were arrested with about 7m worth of fake products all ready to be shipped into the market.

The Lagos State commissioner of police Edgal Imohimi in an interview after the arrest said: “Does this look like the original Dettol? But this can easily confuse anybody in the market. These are fake products and I am sure that the company that manufactures Dettol and Air Wick will be interested in this because their products are being faked.

“The Divisional Police Officer in charge of Okomaiko Police Station, CSP Aliyu Lukman, following a tip-off, which turned out to be credible intelligence, was able to monitor the activities of these four suspects and in the process, discovered that they had rented an apartment where they were manufacturing these products. After manufacture, they bottled them and pushed them into the market as original.

“So, you can imagine when mothers are using this type of fake Dettol to bathe their children or use it for medicinal purposes and it’s not working. People will begin to question the original company manufacturing Dettol that they are reducing the efficacy of the product.

“We have impounded a lorry load of the fake items estimated at N7m. I urge everybody to be vigilant when they go to the market. And that is why most of the manufacturers of products usually tell members of the public to look out for certain trademarks or NAFDAC approval when they buy their products.”

Investigations are still ongoing in order to get other involved in the business.

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