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5 Reasons You Should Sleep Naked Tonight

A lot of people frown at nudity for several reasons. Some for religious reasons, some just think it’s something for savages. However, nudity does have its advantages, it has also of health benefits.

It’s Makes Sex All the More Easier

Well, for those of you who love sex, clothes sometimes can be a constraint. So it makes sex easier.

It Can Help With Weight Reduction

Cortisol is like a stress chemical in the body. When the body temperature is very high, cortisol level increases, therefore, anxiety and stress is therefore likely to increase, and then junk food cravings. In the end what you have is weight gain. So being cool at night, reduces cortisol level and therefore helps you maintain your weight.

Helps with Men’s Fertility

Heat is not a friend to men’s sperm cells. Men who work in very hot places are more prone to having more damaged DNA. According to research carried out by Stanford University, men who slept in the nude, that it without any form of underwear, they had about 25 percent less damage.


Melatonin is a hormone which helps to keeps wrinkles at bay. However, high temperature affects badly the creation of this hormone. They are mostly created while we sleep. So sleeping nude is great in that doesn’t raise the body temperatures.

Boosts Metabolism

First taking off your clothes before sleeping helps to improve blood circulation, as clothes could be a bit constricting at times

When you sleep cool, it also boosts the body’s metabolism, as the body has to work to get the body warm.  During the process of trying to warm your body, it produces brown fat. This brown fat produces heat by burning calories. So as you sleep, you burn fat, for those of you wanting to lose weight.












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