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Blac Chyna comes Under Backlash for Selling Bleaching Cream in Nigeria

Just recently, Blac Chyna has been trending lately, though not for the spat she’s having with her baby daddy. She’s teaming up with a Nigerian cosmetic company and together they plan to be selling a lightening cream. TV star and model, Blac Chyna announced on her Instagram page that she’ll be partnering with Whitenicious, a Lagos based cosmetic brand, owned by Dencia, a Cameroun artiste.

Whitenicious is hosting an event to create traction for the product. The event is holding on the 25th of November, and it is expected that Black Chyna will be at the event. The cream is sold for $250k, that is 91k in Nigerian Naira.

Blac Chyna comes Under Backlash for Selling Bleaching Cream in Nigeria

The first backlash is that Black Chyna is said to be taking advantage of the fact that a lot of Nigerian women are not comfortable with their skin colour, thus making them ripe for the picking. Other Nigerians have also condemned the cream for the harmful events bleaching has on the skin. And also the fact that it seems to say that white is better than black, therefore eroding the self-confidence of the black woman.

Several celebrities have learnt their voice to this against Blac Chyna, one of the latest being Burna boy.

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