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5 Things To Do on A First Date To Help You Get a Second Date

First dates can be a nervous experience for single people, both male and female alike. First impressions they say matters a lot. So in today’s post we’ll be seeing some mistakes to avoid on a first date in order to get a second date, especially for a man.

Avoid Too Much Drinking

People do get nervous on first dates and it is nothing new. However, when a lot of men get nervous, they tend to drink a lot. Of course, when you are drunk you tend to misbehave. Of course not many ladies will want to see you after you make a mess of the first date in such a manner.

Arrive At The Venue Early

We all hate tardiness, it’s seen by lots of people as a sign of disrespect and unseriousness. You don’t want to be perceived as unserious. You don’t want to show this kind of behaviour.  If for some reason you’ll be arriving late, make sure you date is aware before time, so that she’ll not expect you at the previous time you said course.

Be A Gentleman

No matter how much women talk about feminism and girl power, they still like to be treated like queens. So pull out the chair for her, hold doors open for her, pay attention to her. This will actually differentiate you from a lot of men. Don’t be uncouth, especially in your speech. Do not use vulgar words, at least on the first date, even if they are your thing.

Pay Attention to Her

You don’t want to come of as distracted or unconfident. Spending countless time looking at your phone or watching the Tv where you guys are. Make sure you don’t gaze longingly at other ladies, you don’t want her seeing you as a man who lacks self control.

The fact that she’s out on a date with you shows that she actually likes you, now your job is not to screw it up. However, if she’s with you just for the money, then there’s nothing you can do to send her away, at least after the first date. Of course except you’re cheap or a miser.

Paying attention to her also means that you should listen to her and respond. Not just you doing all the talking alone. And don’t be braggadocios, as you try to impress her. If you are an awesome person, with time she’ll know.

Keep Your hands to Yourself

If there’s going to be a touch make sure it is natural, friendly. So touching her arm as you guys talk or taking her arm to help her down the stairs or out of the car are good things. Touch shouldn’t be sexual except of course things begin to go in that direction.

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