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5 Ways To Take Care of Headaches Without Pills

We’ve all experienced headaches at some points in ou lives. It even gets worse with the technological tools we use for work and leisure. Tools such as computers and phones.

Of course, the first way most people deal with headaches is to take a Paracetamol or some other painkiller. There’s a big disadvantage to this though, as the years wear on, your body develops a higher threshold for this drugs and you need to take them in higher doses or concentration before they can work. All these have side effects in the long run.

Causes of Headaches

However, do you know most headaches can be taken care of without pills? Some of the causes of headaches include too much stress, staring at screens for long, loud music, diets and even sometimes apparel. So to reduce the amount of headaches you have to deal with, remove these triggers and you’d be fine for most of the time.

Stress Related Headaches

So how do you take care of stress? One way is to exercises more often. Exercise produces endorphins in our bodies, endorphins are feel good chemicals which are produced after exercising or after a bout of sex.

Not only will exercise produce these chemicals which will take care of headaches, they also kind of wear you out so that you can sleep deeper and wake up more rested. Which actually will help you against feeling stressed.

Screen Use Related Headache

For those who work with laptops and computers, you can feel-good avoid using them. There are a few things you can do. Use CVS glasses. Glasses for Computer Vision Syndrome, those who use computers are prone to this, and of course it can cause headaches apart from ruining your vision.

All for every 20 minute you look at the screen, spend 20 seconds looking at something a few meters away , so you eye can rest from the glare.

Apparel Related Stress

Sometimes wings with there clips or bands too tight can cause headaches. Especially when you’re brain is undergoing some strain or in hot weather. In such situations, take off your wig and let your head breathe. Loose any tight clothing too.

Nutrition Related Headaches

The most common foods that are associated with migraines, according to research, are red wine, chocolate, dark beer, deli meat, and aged cheeses.

These are some of the things that you love. Take out these food one by one and monitor the headaches, if it persists then you’d know it’s not because of a certain food and you can go back to eating it.

Of course it could be a sign of malaria, just drink a herb, bitterleaf water will do or some other herb, just make sure you don’t mix it with orthodox medicine.  

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