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Ambode’s Impeachment: Group Threaten to Shut Down House Of Assembly

A group by the name Lagos Liberation Movement (LLM), which is actually a coalition of many other pro-democracy group in Lagos has held a world Conference. The conference was held at the Airport hotel, Ikeja.

The aim of this conference was to pass a strong message to the Law makers and the other ruling class in Lagos.

The Lagos lawmakers have instituted proceedings to impeach the incumbent Lagos state governor, Ambode.

However, a lot of groups have come to register their displeasure, one of them is LLM.

“It is public knowledge that some days ago, members of the House commenced what is tantamount to a game of shame and senselessness, the results of which are predictably destructive by the ill-advised commencement of impeachment process against Governor Akinwunmi Ambode.

LLM Convener, Comrade Mark Adebayo had this to say: “The question that most Lagosians are asking is ‘why?’. However, the reasons are not farfetched: It is fundamentally the handiwork and retrogressive machinations of political forces of evil determined to keep Lagos State in perpetual bondage of a man playing God over more than 20 million Lagosians with a view to perpetuating a political dynasty of lootocratic recklessness, marauding corruption and a relay regime of nepotistic subjugation accentuated by an intractable malaise of primitive accumulation of the most deadly genre, spearheaded, commanded, guided and goaded by Asiwaju Tinubu we daresay.”

The group also warned Ambode to complete the projects he had started, and called on the President to wade into the matter happening in Lagos APC.

The comrade also asked the lawmakers to account for the N800 million they had received for constituency projects.  

He called on well meaning Lagosians to resist the assault on our democracy.

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