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Angelina Jolie an Brad Pitt Square Up for Custody Battle

This was one of those relationships we thought was made in Hollywood heaven. It lasted until after they got married. We were sad to find out that our favourite Hollywood couple would no longer be a couple.

They are separated, however the divorce has not been completed yet. There’s still the children to fight for and of course, there’s the matter of the properties. Who gets what, you know that kind of thing.  As there was no pre nup before they got married.

The couple has six children, and for some reason Jolie wants total custody of the children. She wants to deny Brad the chance to have his children spend time with him. However Pitt wants a 50-50 joint custody of the kids. The hearing is supposed to start of the 4th of December, 2018.

Since they were separated, Jolie has had full custody of the children. We hope they are able to resolve this amicably, and come up with an arrangement that would favour the children.

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