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Banky W To Star in New Movie : Up North

We all enjoyed “Wedding Party”, I personally did. However, some say that “Wedding Party 2” did deliver all that was promised. I can’t tell for sure, I didn’t see the movie, and honestly, I may never get to see it. Well, our hero in Wedding Party is making a comeback to the big screen, in the movie “Up North”. it’s directed by the popular Tope Oshin, and it features other Nollywood greats, such as Kanayo O.  Kanayo, Adesuwa Etomi, and Hilda Dokubo amongst others. The movie was shot in Bauchi state, it also features the present Governor of Bauchi, Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar in Cameo appearance.

The movie is about the NYSC experience of a young man from Southern Nigeria, as he does his service year up North.  The movie will be out in the Cinemas in December and the movie was Inkblot and Anakle films. Banky’s acting in Wedding Party couldn’t have been said to be top notch, I hope we’ll see an improvement in this one.

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