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Beef continues as Vector responds to MI Abaga with diss track titled ‘Judas the rat’.


The rancour between two notable Nigerian rappers M.I Abaga and Vector has made a new shift as vector publicly declared the release of a diss track as his response to Abaga’s The viper.

The news of this new track has been received with mixed reactions by their huge social media fans.

The Nigerian Rap industry has been experiencing a dramatic hot exchange between these two Rap icons: MI Abaga and Vector these past few weeks following the diss tracks they have produced against each other.

Surprisingly, this rancour between the two rap stars have kept many people entertained rather than been an issue of concern amongst their fans.

A week earlier Abaga released a track titled The Viper which was obviously addressed to vector. In this track, Abaga shaded vector about Vector’s performance at the BBNaija grand finale show.

Ultimately, it seems Vector has finally granted the request of his fans, who have been waiting for his response to Abaga.

The release of Vector’s response to Abaga was announced recently, it’s a track of 4:30 seconds titled Judas the rat.

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