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Bhadoosky Has Been Released

Earlier in the day, we heard of reports of how a popular Nigerian social media influencer by the name Hakeem Badmus was arrested for stating his opinion.
It all started in July with a tweet, here’s the tweet below.

Bhadoosky has been released

Apparently, the school did not find it funny, and they sought ways to deal with everyone in connection with the case.
So that was in July, well in the early hours of today Bhadoosky was arrested by officers of the Nigerian police force. It was alleged that Great Corner Stone International Science College ordered his arrest.
He was arrested in Ibadan and within a few minutes, he was transferred to Akure in Ondo state. During the ordeal, Mr Bhadoosky, his wife and other social media influencers were tweeting about the case using the hashtag #freeBhadoosky. Segalink, the man credited with the disbandment of SARS also retweeted the tweets enabling it to get to more people.
The news reaching us now is that Bhadoosky has been released with no conditions. It is really crazy if arrests can be ordered and effected because someone stated an opinion.

Bhadoosky has been released

Thankfully, the same social media which got him into the problem has also brought him out of it.


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