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Blaqbonez Releases An Open Letter To Kanye West.


Blaqbonez has recently released an open letter to world famous Rapper: Kanye West in form of a song.

In this song, Blaqbonez who claims to be the best rapper in Africa advised Kanye West to alter the date of his album release to a later date in order to avoid a clash between Kanye’s ‘Jesus Is King’ and his own ‘Mr. Boombastic’ EP launch

The song ‘Jesus is Black’ was released a day before the release of Mr. Boombastic EP which was on 24th October.

Blaqbonez – Jesus is Black description

Release date: 24th October 2019

Format: Video

Genre: Rap

Length: 3 minutes 36 seconds

Blaqbonez – Jesus is Black lyrics

Record Label: 100 Crowns (part of Chocolate City)



Tell Kanye to move his date


Tell Kanye to move his date

Cos the 25th October the best rapper out to play

I know I know he one of the greats but

Cos the 25th October, the best rapper gat the stage

[Verse 1] Jesus is king;

I see you doing the Lord’s work

Like pastor Wilson, there’s power in the tongue bruh

Already chose that date and that’s f**ked up

I know you gat a lotta shine but bet ama take all yours

Best rapper in Africa, they call me that for a reason

Outshine whoever drop the same day, and it’s not an opinion

Literally, every time I drop rappers catching some feeling

I’m the ni**a that be standing on top of their glass ceilings

I’ve done these rappers so bad, dragged they a**es for miles

So amazing how they manage to still see me and smile

I been around for a while, so all my verses are vile

I killed a rapper for just minding his business,

Oh God am wild

Ama kill a f**king rapper then

I’d say it’s for the culture

For some guys, I drop memes, and it feel like a crusher

Thank you for pushing my agenda, all them disses

I love it Lining my pockets with their bodies, mehn it feel like blood money

But the bigger picture, making my mama proud

But these rappers making diss tracks from they mama house

Like really?

Negotiating deals worth couple milli

How they the ones nominated and

I’m the one that be winning?



Tell Kanye to move his date

Cos the 25th October the best rapper out to play

Tell Kanye to move his date

And an akamara should really know his place

[Verse 2]

I just came to tell a man shut up, who are you talkin to

Broke a** no plan rappers really so comical

Diss Blaqbonez, get fame, sh*t is so corny fool

Indigenous flop flop flop,

I know your story dude Last single big flop, thin that was vivid

But way was a smash hit? Hmmm?

I don’t believe it Id that’s the truth, why you begging Davido for a remix

I think our favourite akamara rapper, keeping some secrets

Y’all thought the story tell rapper is gon kill me? No

Tell me bedtime stories until I sleep with the fishes?

Oh, I’m an internet rapper,

He’s the one the streets feeling?

I brought in 5 min, while he’s doing free shows in Ekiti What are we talking about,

I got a crib with a nice view

The little cash you made you used that sh*t to buy views

Pull up gidi fest,

Big stack, clear

I’m a star You sang festival bar and never made festival bar

That’s why Olamide dumped you cos you made nothing

Fireboy must have you jealous, that gatta hurt you He put you on a song, and all you did was scream rodo

Remaining 2 years,

smoke Colorado and drink zobo Olamide heard you on air sent you a dm

Then he let you shine, gave you a career

That was VS CLASS, that was the moment that made you now

I called you and put you there you ungrateful child

Now you dissing and fed the hand that fed you

Since you biting hands, titanium gloves in the arsenal

Don’t come at me with another stupid reply

Pick a time and place come look a G in the eyes

Cos I’m out here saying the game from your flop singles

Only rap song in the top 20 charts, bingo!

Boutta drop an EP that’s outta this world should called it ET

I empowered all you rappers, clear I did it eazi

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