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Burna Boy Calls Nigerians Unprogressive Fools And Here’s How They React

Burna Boy is trending again. The young man seems to enjoy courting controversies. Remember yesterday, when he shaded Coachella Music Festival Organisers for putting his name in small fonts. He called himself an African giant, therefore, they should fix it. His Nigerian colleague didn’t make a fuse.

It turns out though, that when his international spread was checked against some other artistes who had the same font size with him. Mr Eazi and all many of the others had higher Spotify streams monthly than he did.

He trended all throughout yesterday on Twitter. Today he’s trending again, he’s called Nigerians BACKWARD UNPROGRESSIVE FOOLS.  Here’s the full text of what he said  

“Don’t worry. I know it is a Fact that my own country “NIGERIA” is home to the largest number of backward Unprogressive Fools. I will still fight for them because they are not mentally advanced enough to fight for themselves. They will Forever have my Genuine undying love”.

He continues “To the few proud young African intellectuals who will not conform to whatever bullshit they are given, you are the only hope of Africa. God bless you all”.  

He did a post on Instagram, and the talk has gathered a lot of traction, with Nigerians they are on two sides, Some supporting him and some opposing him. Here are some of the reactions.

Keeping it real though, Burna Boy actually addressed two sets of people. Please read his post again. So what do you think, it he right or has he gone overboard this time?

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