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Cardi B Caught in The Act Again

Looks as though Cardi B just loves letting herself go, just early hours of Saturday, she was seen at it again, this time in a New York strip club. Remember three weeks ago when she was involved in a brawl with Nicki Minaj at the New York Fashion Show.

At the club on Saturday where Migos was billed to perform, Cardi B was said to have been involved in a brawl with two waitresses. She was reported to have told some of the people with her to attack one of the waitresses because she suspects she had slept with Offset.

However, sources closed to the rapper have given a different version of the story. They say it was all spontaneous, nothing was planned.

After the incident, Cardi and her gang fled the club. On Monday morning though, she reported herself to NewYork police department together with her lawyer. She’s been charged with reckless endangerment and assault. The trial will commence on October 29th. We just hope this is going to be the end of her violent reactions. She does have to set a good example for her daughter.


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