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Cardi B and Nicki at Each Other’s Throats Again

It looks as though the feud between these two is not ending anytime soon. People around them also are beginning to pick sides whether they like it or not. Just like rapper Lil Yatchy said, although he’d like to work with Nicki, but he couldn’t because not only is hr end Cardi signed to the same management he’s also team Cardi. Then, Cardi B’s sister also alleged that Nicki shared Cardi B’s mobile number.

The latest in this drama is Cardi B’s ten series video. Yes, you heard right, ten!. She’s posted a series of ten videos on her Instagram in response to the Miss Minaj’s comment on a radio show. So the “Queen” singer brought up the altercation they had at New York fashion week and alleged that Cardi was beaten up by Rah Ali. Now Rah Ali is Nicki’s friend and a media personality. Video footage from the fight shows Cardi B with a swollen head.

Nicki says it was her friend who punched offsets’ wife and she even offers a $100k reward for however has a footage of Cardi being punched. Now, this was what led to the “Money” singer’s rant on Instagram. She also said she’d beat up Nicki and afterwards sue her to court.

What do you think, did Nicki take it too far or is Cardi overreacting?

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