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Charlie Boy Calls His Late Mother A Witch As He Remembers Her.


Mothers are unique and special beings. As resilient beings, they are able to withstand tough situations and still stand in need for their loved ones in difficulties.

For these and many reasons, women are often celebrated and appreciated when the opportunity arises.

However when mothers are appreciated and celebrated, sweet words are used and sometimes some even go to the extent of singing melodious songs for moms but in the case of well known Nigerian singer and activist, Charlie Boy, rather than using sweet words, he chose to call his mother something different.

On his Instagram page, Charlie Boy decided to remember his mother and to the amazement of all, he referred to his mother as a Witch.

He however gave reasons for calling her a witch, Charlie Boy explained that his mother had him in her belly for 11 months which is quite unusual compared to the conventional 9 months. He also revealed that his mom brought him up for 30 years until he was a grown up man plus the fact that she catered for many poor people hence his conclusion of calling his mother a good witch.

In his words:“My mum was a witch. Person wey carry CharlyBoy for 11months for belle. Person wey cook CharlyBoy for Fire for 30years till he became a man. Person wey train, help and care for thousands of poor people wey no be mother Theresa. Person wey spiritually empower and emboldened the brand CharlyBoy na a very good witch.”


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