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Davido Speaks Of His Past Experiences As He Reveals The Date Of His Upcoming Album.


As the saying goes,the only constant thing in life is change. Sometimes, it can be quite surprising how individuals grow really quick, some even do not realise how much they have changed until they call to mind the circumstances they have gone through in life.

As it appears, the popular singer Davido is likely going through a period in his life when he realises how much he has grown looking back to where he is coming from.

Not quite long on the social media, Davido wrote a long note explaining experiences he has had in times past and how much he has grown.

The O.B.O himself seems to be releasing a new album soonest as he shared the album art cover on his Instagram page. He also summarized the good and bad times he has experienced in the last seven years, how he loved people, lost loved ones, and recreated lives.

He further explained that he has fought several battle types: Spiritual, Physical and emotional…

His post reads: “It’s been a long 7 years. A lot has transpired in my life since my debut album ‘Genesis’, and I, David Adeleke (aka Davido) have gone through a process of immense changes and growth. In sad times I lost close family and friends (RIP) and in my happiest times I’ve created lives (Imade, Hailey & David Jr). I fell in love and got engaged to my PHENOMENAL fiancé, Chioma. I’ve fought battles of all kinds and on all fronts: spiritual, physical, mental, emotional even political. With less than 48 hours left of the 7 year wait for the album of the century; A Good Time reflects on the ability to trust the timing of your life, enjoying the best moments & persevering through the worst ones. There’s no time like the present and it’s A Good Time to be alive, to be a PROUD AFRICAN and to fight for the freedom of one another – in unity. This is my album cover art and it reflects the culmination of my 7 year journey in audio/visual form, I present to you, “A Good Time”. OUT Nov 22!!!”

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