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DJ Khaled drops album Khaled Khaled…but it’s Cardi, that’s trending.


Dj Khaled dropped an album featuring Jayz and a host of artistes but it’s the track ‘Big paper’ featuring Cardi B that’s got the block talking. The joint ‘Big paper’ seems to have a hook on hip hop lovers as we heard Cardi told peeps ‘not to lie on the Pusshy, if they never tasted it’.

Cardi is trending on Twitter, well, we guess her P can sell anything, all she has to do is talk about it. We wishing DJ Khaled more streaming, album sales and probably award wins in future.

As for Cardi B, we hope she hasn’t forgotten her Nigerian fans and we sincerely hope she will drop some bars with Nigerian tongue. Just imagine the salaciousness of a rap bar when she talks about ‘pusshy’ in Igbo. Well, Cardi is our own Chioma B and we def be waiting for that album or track.

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