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Earth Tremor Hits Maitama, Abuja

Nigerians are not used to earthquakes or other geological activities within the earth crust. However, that seems to be changing. It was reported yesterday that residents of Maitama, in Abuja, the capital city, North Central Nigeria, experienced an earth tremor. According to some eyewitnesses the earth tremour lasted for about 30 minutes. It came intermittently though.

The tremor was said to be 3.0 Mercalli Intensity Scale, MIS, according to the Nigerian Geological Survey Agency, NGSA. This means the tremor wasn’t serious and there were no strucral damage to building. If we recall, this is the second time this a tremor is hitting Abuja, the last time was about a month ago in Semptember.

The NGSA has tried to assuage the fear of Abuja residences. First, if you are experiencing an earth tremor, you should come outdoors,  it’s safer, and also Abuja and Nigeria in general is not prone to having earthquakes so their’s nothing to be worried about.

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