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“EFCC I’m Here” – Shirts Now Selling

Remember some years back when the video “My Oga at the Top” was trending. It was in an interview on Channels’ TV Sunrise Daily when Maupe Ogun and her colleagues interviewed an NSDC official. Just as the video went viral so did the phrase “My Oga at the top” go viral, together with its other variation, “My madam at the top”. Well as the phrase went viral so did certain fellows commercialize it. They made shirt with the said inscription, and a man in Paramilitary uniform pointing his finger to the sky.

“EFCC I’m Here” - Shirts Now Selling

The “EFCC I’m Here” shirt was worn by Fayose when he went to the EFCC headquarters in Abuja, is beginning to get popular. While Fayose remains in detention, the phrase which he has helped popularize is already trending on social media.

A few people here and there, are already wearing the “EFCC I’m Here” shirts. Just in the exact same minimalist design Fayose wore, black round neck t-shirt with white inscription on the front of the shirt.

“EFCC I’m Here” - Shirts Now Selling

The shirt is already begin to sell on social media and soon we’d start seeing more people wearing it on the streets.

By the way, Fayose is still keeping mum about the accusations, and he had delegated someone else to handle his twitter in the main time. Fayose has told EFCC to sue him to court if they have evidences against him, meanwhile EFCC is working to get a court order to keep him in detention for two weeks.


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