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Facts You May Not Know About Tim Godfrey’s New Release’Toya’ Featuring Israel Houghton. Video, comments and lyrics.


The latest song by Tim Godfrey ‘Toya’ is probably the most trending Gospel song at present.

The exceptional Nigerian Gospel Artist: Tim Godfrey features one of the most recognized Gospel Artist around the world: Israel Houghton.

These two award winning artistes: Tim Godfrey and Israel Houghton have been in the Gospel Music Industry for quite some time now. They are known for their uniqueness, creativity and exceptionality in performing Music.

They have released series of soul lifting songs. Little wonder the coming together of the two produced the hit “Toya”.
Listen to ‘Toya’ by Tim Godfrey.

Song Information:

Release date: October 10th, 2019

Format: Video

Length: 10 minutes 4 seconds

Producer: SMJ for ROX Nation

This amazing song “Toya” speaks of God’s indisputable power and his unchangeable status as the supreme king over all.

There have been various comments and reviews on the hit “Toya” since it’s release. Below are some of those comments and reviews:

Oren Israel: An incredible song… If you did it before you can do it again. My Darling Baba, My Sweet Jesus I love you so much

Anne: This should be an award-winning song this year. Can I get an Amen please. Look at how incredible the collabo is. What else do we need in the gospel arena?

Abraham Adesanya: Tim Godfreeeeeeeeeey!!! Anointed combination with Israel Houghton. What a tongue-provoking ministration!!!

Queeneth Sokari: Tim Geoffrey, I’m literally shedding tears watching this. Praise and worship never felt this good. I bless God for this anointing on your life

Mary Katwit: I feel so inspired by the song, may God bless these two fabulous artists. Live long brothers live long. The sky is the only limit.

Ritah Kiziito: Heaven is going to be on fire of God when we’re all one like this regardless of color and different countries for we shall be singing the same language.

emmanuel chukwu: Tim Godfery has created a niche for himself in African Gospel Music.

Cynthia Chibale: Godfrey is very creative, o the songs he features others a ministering.

AVIWE SONGELWA: Even Jesus Himself must be dancing to this worship song!!

berexford jallah: Liberia is proud
of you.

Eunice Boadu: Tim never disappoints. Israel looks like he has lost tons of weight.


Toya Eze (Praise Him Our King)
Toya (Praise Him)
You made the blind man walk

You made the blind man see

Toya Eze (Praise Him Our King)

Toya (Praise Him)

You made the dead man rise

You walked upon the sea

Toya Eze (Praise Him Our King)

Toya (Praise Him)

If You did it before

You can do it today

Toya Eze (Praise Him Our King)

Toya (Praise Him)

Agu ne chemba one (The lion that watches over the city)

Ebube dike (Strong and Powerful God)

Ekwueme (The One who says and does it)

So I lift my hands to give you all my praise

[Chorus] Toya Eze Toya x4

{(Toya) x 3, Eze} x2

Toya Eze Toya

Toya Eze, Toya

Praise Him Our King Praise Him

[Chorus] Idi ro bi mu ma (You’re good to my heart)

I cannot help but give You praise

Idi ro bi mu ma (You’re good to my heart)

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