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Fayose Feeds EFCC Detainees and Gets Some Legal Representation

Former Governor Fayose is at it again. This time it is the news of stomach infrastructure. If we recall, Fayose was arraigned before a Federal High Court in Lagos yesterday on charges of money laundering and conspiracy. He pleaded not guilty.

It looks as though the man has taken some goodwill into the prison. On Sunday he was moved down to Lagos from Abuja for the court proceedings. While some people might have been pitying him and others vilifying him, he was making people smile. According to a report by his media aide Lere Olayinka, Fayose provided meals for over 150 EFCC detainees and visitors alike just yesterday at the EFCC detention centre.

According to the tweet by his media aide, he also has promised legal representation for those who need them and then also he’s promised to some others meet their bail condition.

Fayose’s case will continue tomorrow, Wednesday at the end of that sitting we should be able to tell whether he’ll make bail or not.  Lere Olayinka is the one handling Fayose’s twitter handle while he remains in EFCC custody.

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