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Five Secret Signs A Girl Likes You

Every guy that has ever been rejected by a girl he admires knows the importance of getting to know how a lady feels about you before making any move. Whilst it is sometimes necessary to know if a lady feels the same way that you feel about her, this can be a very difficult thing to do.

Over the years, guys have always sought for ways to find out if a guy has a thing for them. Well, if you have always had this question on your mind, then, you are not alone. This article contains tips to help you find out if a girl likes you even if she is hiding it.

That being said, below are six secret signs that a girl likes you but is hiding it.

She stares at you

This is one of the obvious signs that a lady likes you even if she openly denies it. If staring at you has become her new hobby, you should pay closer attention to her body language and get to know what the look is all about.

There are quite a lot of meanings to stares. However, for the purpose of this point, we will be looking at it from a positive perspective.

If she smiles while she stares and gives you the “come get me look”, then it is definitely a positive stare. Stares can be done in a lot of different ways. Some are long and quite blunt while others are short and depict shyness. If a girl is shy around a guy that she likes, then, she might give him the short and nervous stare.

Although lots of girls might try to mask their feelings for a guy by looking away each time he catches them staring, there are some girls that are confident and will not look away even if you get them staring.

Five Secret Signs A Girl Likes You

She shares her Private Life with You

For a lady to share details from her private life with you, she has to trust you. Even if she is trying to hide it, the fact that she trusts you is an indication that she likes you. If she talks to you about the challenges in her home and the trouble that she faces at work, it points to the fact that she likes you and values your opinion.

She is a Little Quiet around You

One of the reasons that ladies become quiet when a guy that they like is around is because they are trying hard to hide their feelings for him. Her quiet attitude might be exhibited when she is alone with you as well as when she is in a group of people. There are lots of reasons why ladies will be quiet around guys that they like aside from the fact that they are shy. One of those reasons is they might be busy staring at the guy the entire time or secretly checking him out to demystify him.

She Plays with Her Hair around You

A lady playing with her hair around you can mean many things. It could be as a result of a habit or because she likes you. This sign can be subtle and very misleading. This is because some ladies play with their hair always and do not have to be into you to do so. However, if playing with her hair is not her habit, then, she perhaps is more into you than she is the average person around.

She easily gets Jealous and Tries to make you Jealous

Jealousy is a very strong sign that a lady is into you. If a girl is into you, she will avoid sharing your attention with other ladies even if the both of you are not exclusive. When girls are around guys that they like, they always want to be treated differently. They could also get very jealous if the guy that they are crushing on decides to spend a little time with another girl.

In addition to getting jealous when you are with other ladies, always be on the lookout for signs of her trying to make you jealous. One way to know that a lady likes you even if she is trying very hard to make it less obvious is; she will try to spend time with other guys when she is sure that you are watching

She loves your Company and laughs at your Dry Jokes

You do not have to be funny for a lady to laugh at your jokes. If a girl is attracted to you, then, she will always laugh at your jokes irrespective of how dry they are. Also, if a lady loves hanging out with you and smiles every time that you both are together, it is a strong indication that she finds you attractive and is perhaps waiting for you to ask her out.


People are different and as a result of this, not all these signs will be depicted by every lady. However, if you notice a couple of these signs, then, chances are she likes you.


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