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Foreigners Caught With 2000 PVCs

INEC has quite recently announced that there are lots of uncollected PVCs around various states in the country. Some states number in the hundreds of thousands. However, that of Lagos is about 1.5m uncollected PVCs. While INEC has been trying to encourage Nigerians to come to collect their PVCs it recently encountered another obstacle.

The members of the immigration services were said to have arrested some foreigners with PVCs. Now, this is not the first time security of immigration service is nabbing foreigners with PVCs. However, this seems to be an unprecedented number of people. 2000 non-Nigerians were arrested who possessed PVCs.  This was according to the Deputy Comptroller of the Nigerian Immigration Service Lagos command, Mr Rufus Owoeye. “We told some of them in Yaba that we are not sending them away, but they are collecting PVC, which is wrong, as they are not eligible to vote. We are ready to seize as many as possible,” he assured.

According to Mr Rufus, many nationalities including Togolese, Beninoise, Chadians and people from Niger have been found in possession to PVCs. He’s assured the public that he’ll and his men will continue to find these foreigners and dispossess them of the Permanent voter’s cards since they are ineligible to vote in Nigeria.

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