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Former Olori of Ife Forgives Ooni

It’s no longer news that the Ooni of Ife has a new wife Olori Shikeola Naomi. She happens to happens to be the Ooni’s third attempt at Marriage. The marriage celebration lasted three days, from Friday 19th till yesterday which was Sunday 21st. The new Olori of Ife is a 25 year old prophetess.

Amidst the talk going on around the marriage, both for and against it as it were, someone has learnt her voice to the conversation. This she did in a manner deserving of a royal.

The former Olori, Olori Wuraola has sent her congratulatory message to the Ooni and his new wife.

Former Olori of Ife Forgives Ooni

From her words, it looks as though she felt hurt on the breakage of her marriage, however as a noble would do, she has forgiven the Ooni and wishes him God’s blessings. Olori Wuraola Zaynab was the Ooni’s second wife.

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