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Governor Ortom: From Garage boy to Government House

Not many Nigerians know the story of Benue State governor, Samuel Ortom. He told a bit of it though When he was visited by members of Benue Tricyclists Association (BETA).  They came to endorse the governor for second term.  Bernard Orban the chairman of BETA told his reason for the governor’s endorsement. ”we are in government house to endorse you for second term because you are one of us.

He went further to say, “People call us agbero and say we are useless people, but an agbero has become a governor and we must support him because we know him as a good man who has defended our people from herdsmen attacks an killings.

While giving his speech after the endorsement the governor said “I am always very happy when people recall my life story, my days as a garage boy, agbero, and driver. It clearly shows that despite life challenges, you can work hard with the fear of God and aspire to be anything in life.

He continued

“Don’t take to drunkenness and drug abuse and forget that you owe yourself and the society a responsibility. For those who have dropped out of school, pick up your life like I did. Go back to the conventional school or distant learning. You are potential leaders of this country”.

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