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Niyola comes off as a new comer in the industry, but if you listen closely to her and what she says in interviews, then you will know she has been in the game from the very beginning. She was no stranger to Plantashun boiz and was even video vixen in one of their early videos. She also waxed solo efforts in those early days of Nigerian Afrobeat/hip-hop era. No one can deny Niyola the strength she possesses as she and friends were amongst the first to start ‘girl power’ group, a movement meant to empower the female gender and put them at per with their male counterparts. Niyola has been in this game for as long as anyone can imagine.

In the days when hip-hop waxed stronger and new labels began sprouting with Mega stars like Wizkid, Niyola was the first lady of the EME empire that Wizkid was also signed to. Niyola’s hit ‘Toh bahd’ was a monster hit that got radio stations pleading and begging her to churn out more of such tones. She followed up with the solo effort ‘Bobo ma lo’, another jam for a decade. Niyola’s appeal in terms of being sexy was a power addition to the EME empire as she brought this with her in every EME video that she featured and I am sure folks will never forget ‘Baddest boy’ by Wizkid, Skales and Banky W, yeah Niyola was that hawt chic in the background.

Some months back, I came across a tone titled ‘Olumoranti’, I listened to it and I knew only one player in the music industry was capable of releasing such powerful vocals, it had to be Niyola. The only thing that made me doubt the owner of this tone was the gospel aspect of it. Olumoranti is a powerful song that speaks to the soul of anyone that listens to it. The video of Olumoranti is even more powerful because Niyola featured pictures of people who seem like members of her family. Olumoranti is the music that speaks to the soul and gives it reassurance that there is a supreme being out there, looking out for us all and Niyola passed this message in such a matured manner. All I can say is, Niyola has grown, she has grown into her own and it’s amazing to see the transformation that has been produced.

Niyola, we all love you. We love the metamorphosis and what you have become. We hope to hear more mature tones with such powerful vocals and we pray that the Nigerian populace will start to appreciate good music like we appreciate fast tracks and beats. Here is sending you all the love and good wishes form all of us at Wingsmusic culture.

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