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I Was Robbed And Assaulted At Davido’s Concert – Fan

An attendee at Davido’s December 27 concert has complained of the discomforts she experienced at the concert. Karimah a twitter user with the username  @hrh_karimah came on the social networking site to tell all that happened to her at the concert.

According to Karimah   “I was robbed and assaulted at @iam_Davido #InfinixDavidoLiveInConcert. And Davido looked straight at me and continued the show”. She continues. “I lost my phone, my ATM card and all my money all because you couldn’t pause the show and see that your fans were dying. A grown man groped me, inserted his fingers in my vagina and continuously beat me up. I fell on broken glass and you just continued”.

She also tells of how she told her mom that only rapture taking place could have stopped her from attending Davido’s concert.

Nigerians on Twitter street have reacted to her complains. Some have called her an attention seeker, some said she just wants to get money from Davido other’s have said she exaggerated her claims.

After a few hours though, Davido replied from his Twitter account also. He apologized and also promised to take care of her hospital bills.

Such things are common in concerts some people treid to tell Karimah, and it wasn’t Davido’s fault.

The concert was sold out. According to African Facts Zone, Davido had 12 days to sell out 15,000 concert tickets, and sell out he did. However Davido has refuted the claims, he said that they actually printed more than 15.000 and sold out all of them. He’s appreciative of Nigerians and also God for the success of the event.

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