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Is Falz the New Fela?

Falz’s new single “Talk” has led him to be compared to Fela. He (Falz) shook and broken tables and of course he’s shaded even those who seemed untouchable. In this song he addresses the ills of the society. He’s of the opinion that life we do not speak up, nothing will change. These are the kind of things Fela’s music was known for.

We have become terribly accustomed to this chaotic lifestyle. We all know that it is only a few people that benefit from this. They have ensured it remains that way. Yet we are quiet. #Talk #NaMeTalkAmO – Falz

It’s very important that we continue to #Talk We cannot attain the sanity that we seek by being quiet or nonchalant about our state of affairs. We need to react! And NOW! #NaMeTalkAmO – Falz.

In the song “Talk”, Folarin “Falz” Falana definitely is putting his mouth where his money is. In a long time no singer has dared to come at authority and societal ills like Falz is doing at the moment. And he’s doing it back to back.

Due to this song and other’s he’s done in recent past, some are beginning to hail him as the new Fela. Of course, there were talks about Wizkid and some other artistes being Fela’s resurgence. Some of these fellows produce good music which sometimes has an infusion of Fela’s style in it. Of course they smoke weed, carry plenty women and go shirtless, however, that seems to be where the resemblance ends. Apart from music, Fela was known for speaking against the ills of the society.

Yes, Fela smoked weed and had numerous women, but the igbo and the women are not why we loved him. We love him for his music and the truths that he told through them. Remember Fela’s song “Beast of No Nation” which was against the government of the day, also Zombie. These songs were sung to protest against what Fela thought to be the high handed impunity and injustice of the day.

Only Falz, for now, can be called the new Fela. Through his music, he’s tackled the problems of the day head-on. Not just political problems even moral problems such as prostitution and abuse of power by the police.

His song “This is Nigeria” brought him as many accolades as hard knocks, and then there was “Child of the World”,  and now we have “Talk”. Where he encourages you to speak up otherwise things will not change.

Perhaps to boost the Fela symbolism, he had the cover of his new album (#Moral InstructionTheAlbum) done by legendary artist Lemi Ghariokwu, most notable for his works on Fela’s records. So not only does his album look have a Fela feel as per looks, the impact of his music on the society may also be Fela llike.

To answer my question, Falz, for now, is the only artist living up to the good of Fela. The part of Fela that we know and love, that’s who Falz is for now.

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