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Jaden Smith Performs At Coachella

Jaden Smith was all about fam Friday at Coachella, bringing out the Kardashian’s current arch-enemy, Jordyn Woods.

The 20-year-old took the stage with a Tesla overhead, suspended by chains. As for why Jaden has a long-standing relationship with Tesla’s creator Elon Musk. The car was lowered to the stage, and Jaden performed atop the whip.

Jaden Smith

Towards the beginning of his set, Jaden paid homage to Nipsey Hussle before bringing his sister, Willow, out on stage. She also performed, singing “Icon” along with her brother. As for Jordyn, she jumped on stage and danced around the Tesla.

She wasn’t there long, but she was clearly there to make a point, Jaden Smith and his fam support her. BTW, Jordyn was surrounded by security the entire time she was on stage.

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