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Kanye West Calls For Truce Between Trump and Kaepernick

Kanye West is in the news once again. This it may actually be for a good reason. Some time ago the rapper made headlines for saying “slavery was a choice”. This statement created a huge backlash from the black community specifically. He was labelled a Trump supporter amongst others. (Although I wonder when it became bad to support Donald Trump).

Anyway, Kim Kardashian’s husband is in the news this time for attempting to reconcile Colin Kaepernick and President Donald Trump. For those of you who don’t know Colin Kaepernick, he’s an NFL player and he’s that guy with the Afro in the Nike advert.

Kanye west calls for truce

Trump totally hates Kaepernick and has said many times that he should be sacked from the NFL, due what Trump says is disrespect for the national flag. However, Colin sees it very differently. He seeing his kneeling while the American national anthem is being sung as a way to protest police brutality on blacks. Trump is not the only one who hates his “guts”, a lot of other Americans see the NFL player as unpatriotic. We remember Americans burning their Nikes in protest to the advert campaign.

Now Kanye West is working to bring these men together to have a discussion. Would Donald Trump be averse to the idea, we think he would. We already know he like Ye and has called him a brilliant leader, how about Kaep, well let’s watch and see.

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