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Kevin Spacey makes surprise court appearance

Kevin Spacey made a surprise appearance at the courthouse over his pretrial hearing in his groping case.

According to TMZ, the disgraced actor showed up in court for his pretrial on Monday, June 3, 2019, where he had a face-off with the judge. It is reported that his legal team has been trying to obtain evidence from the prosecution team namely, cell phone data from the alleged victim.

Kevin Spacey’s legal team were angry at the prosecution team for holding on to to the alleged victim’s phone because according to them, the details in the phone would play a significant role in showing Kevin Spacey’s innocence.

Kevin Spacey

There are indications that messages were deleted from the phone that made reference to the alleged victim’s “frat boy” tendencies, and he (The lawyer) was never made aware of that until now.

The last time Kevin Spacey showed up in court was in January 2019 and the media buzz at that time was really high. He went on to plead not guilty to the indecent assault charges levelled against him.

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