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Kofi Mole’s New Release “Bestie” With Song Information, video and lyrics.


Popular Ghana born artiste; Kofi Mole is categorically one of the best music artists in Ghana.

Several of the hit songs he has released in the past has gained him prominence in the music industry even as his followers on social media increases tremendously.

However, Kofi mole has done it again as he releases his new song titled “Bestie”.

Kofi Mole’s ‘Bestie’ is a track from his New Album titled “Aposor Love”.

In this video Kofi explains the Kind of temptations he goes through when he is with his girl friends.

Asides the beat and melody of the song,the lyrics also contributes to the beauty of the song.
Whether you are a fan of Kofi mole or not you should listen to this lovely song, it is a song you cannot afford to miss and as you listen,get set to become one of his fans straightaway.

For those who underrate this amazing music artist, this song may appear to be a greatest shocker of the season.

Without doubts, kofi mole has put in his total best in this song “Bestie” and don’t be surprised you may find yourself listening and watching over and over again, that’s the vibe.

To make your singing along easy, the lyrics of Kofi mole “Bestie” lies below:


Yah, yah, yah, uuh uh

Mole eh ah

Get money for you then

Then we marry very soon

Baby when the time comes Then we marry very soon


(My bestie Looking s*xy, but I don’wanna sin yeah

Temptations All around me, you tryna get me in eeh) X 2

[Verse one]

Yeah, I don’ wanna cheat (ah eh)

Maame I don’wanna do it (ah eh)

Yea, guess say the things you do dey make am tempted to touch you

See the way you show body dey make am tempted to f*ck you

De3 wo y3 no y3 med3 ooh

Make you no stop, give me more

M’ay3 s3 menp3 nsu3 mep3

Wo de woa di3 mu b3ku me ooh

Eii I go die for your bacta ei ta

Make I get matta eeh


[Verse two]

This thing we dey do, yawa go happen

Am falling for you, you be crashing am crashing

We enter the room, we be kissing and touching

We think ebi cool, but really be something

One day my girlfriend go see

You too your boyfriend go see

If them catch we for corner, ego be yawa for we

Ano dey want trouble, but still wear my cardle

Your something dey pee me girl give me your apple

You calling me bro, you make me confused What make i do uhh oh no no

(My bestie Looking s*xy, but I don’wanna sin yeah

Temptations All around me, you tryna get me in eeh) X 3

Kofi Mole – ‘Bestie’ Song Information

Format: Video/audio

Album: Aposor Love

Genre: Afrobeat

Producer: YungDemz Video shot.

Directed by: Yaw Phanta

Length: 2 minutes 56 seconds

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