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Lady Calls Out Flavour On Social Media, Claiming He Is The Father Of Her Child.


Recently on the social media, a lady whose name is Juliet Oluchi Ehiemere from Abia State has called out Famous singer Flavour claiming he is the father of her 3 year old daughter.

She also stated that she is willing to do a DNA for her daughter in case the singer needs clarification.

She further assured that if the DNA proves her wrong, she is ready to pay for whatsoever damage that might have been done.

Her long post reads:

“I met Flavour sometime in 2015 and took in for him. Ever since, I have made attempts to contact him but he has since then ignored me. I am not another gold digger. All I want is for Flavour to take care of his daughter. I have reported the matter to the office of the Public Defender (OPD), Lagos State.

“FLAVOUR should come out for a DNA TEST. He should do the needful. If the DNA test shows he’s not the Father, I’m ready to pay for the penalties. For me to take this stand, that should tell everyone that I know what I’m saying. The pain and suffering is too much to bear and I am done keeping silent. My daughter and I can’t keep suffering this way.”

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