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Lady Plays Pregnancy Prank On Mom. Her Reaction Would Crack You Up (See Photos)

Lady Plays Pregnancy Prank On Mom; Playing jokes, pranks on Nigerian parents is one that has been tagged quite hilarious cum rib-cracking, owing to the various kinds of sarcastic reactions gotten from experiences of such in the near past.

In the same vein, another Nigerian lady has pulled the stunt on her own Monday, and just as expected, her mother’s reaction was epic.

According to the young lady, identified as Moye, she played a pregnancy prank on her mother.

She said she decided to prank her mum through WatsApp messages, of which she later shared screenshots of her conversation on social media.

According to the screenshots of the chats, Moye told her mum she missed her period which supposed to come on the 1st of April.

Worried that something may be wrong, she decided to take a pregnancy test which came out positive.

Captioning the photos, Moye wrote; “I decided to prank my mommy tonight I can’t stop laughing . I love her tho #Africanmother #iyaomoye”

See the screenshot below;

Pregnancy Prank
Pregnancy Prank
Pregnancy Prank

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