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Pretty Lady Runs Mad After Lodging With Man In Hotel

Nothing you say will make some ladies change; they will think you want to stop them from ‘enjoying’ their life as they want, until that day their own will happen and by then they’ve lost their mind or life. Herein is another cognizant example as another lady runs mad after a supposed sexual romp with man in an hotel room.

The unidentified lady caused a scene early this morning at Ajangbadi area of Lagos.

She lodged with a man at New Planet hotel till day break and allegedly went mad this morning in a huge dramatic display which was recorded on camera.

It was said that she went mad in the hotel but was chased away by the hotel officials as she continued her public display inside a gutter while making senseless statements.

The incident left residents and passersby in shock after gathering at the scene to witness the drama.

Lady Runs Mad

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