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Latest Dad- Davido Pranked By Nigerian Ladies.


Famous singer and latest father: Davido recently was put on a hot spot by two Nigerian Ladies on the social media.

In a video that got so much views shortly after it was shared, One of the ladies who were probably just seeking for public attention on the social media,claimed that Davido impregnated her and refused to pick up her calls as a way of dodging his responsibilities.

Terribly shocked and surprised about the claims of the ladies,Davido declared that he was going to take it up legally with the ladies and he would make sure they go to jail for their offence.

After getting the attention they needed from the public, and a reaction they probably didn’t expect from Davido, the two mischievous social media ladies came back with another post stating that they were only joking with the pregnancy claims, that it was not true.

Apparently, the ladies’ mischievous act may be landing them into serious problems as the famous O.B.O and new dad still stands on his words that the ladies must face the wrath of the law for playing such a terribly expensive prank on him and

Asides been angry at these ladies for trying to tarnish his image,the famous singer also felt the mischievous act by these ladies was not just fair on his wife- to- be, who is an easy going person plus the fact that she just delivered their first son only days ago. He again reassured the ladies that they would go to jail.

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