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Latest Release By Juls – ‘Angelina’ ft. Falz, Oxlade: video, lyrics.


Britain based producer and artist: Juls releases new hit titled ‘Angelina’in which he featured Falz and Oxlade.

This is a video you need to check out as you cannot afford to miss this one.

Within the short time of the release of this song,it has gathered a surprising number of comments on the social media, most of which are positive and encouraging to hear.

Juls – Angelina description

Release date: October 25th, 2019

Format: Video/audio

Album: Colour

Length: 3 minutes 32 seconds

Juls – Angelina lyrics

This song is obviously a lovely one, and you may want to learn the lyrics even as you listen to the song.

The lyrics lies below:


Fine wine rotate

That your low waist

You make a boy relocate

Make my bone dislocate

[Verse 1]

Angelina ahn Orimiloke no no no

Angelina ahn

Make I give u luck oh luck oh Baby,

I’m loosing it (im loo)

I’m loosing it (I’m loosing control)

Baby girl I’m loosing it

I’m loosing it (I’m loosing control)

Angelina Biko see (no dey far take away)

Come and go home take me away (that is to say baby take away)

Baby Biko please (Baby girls I don dey go astray)

Go astray, no dey far come and take me away

[Verse 2]

Omo you make I run mad

Shawty looking mad in all black

Bad girl, she know she get the front back

When I tell am we go dey she say wo stop that

How I sure say u dey talk fact

How many babes now wetu don knack

Fine boy wet hold enough stacks

Rap star wey go get some more plats

She say make I wait she dey Gage vibes

Omo this your figure 8 episode dey slay guys

If I ball 16 you go change mine Oh baby take time too

Take it easy make u no dey play bard oo

See I’m going on tour you for take part oo

That your waist line i for take charge oo

But u dey shy come mu mansion

Cos babes don dey mark us like rashford

And pop bought snapbus fro taplord

Moti like e ju maamaa shako

Juls baby Ah

[Repeat verse 1]

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