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MC Oluomo Was Stabbed With a Poisoned Knife – Source

On Tuesday, APC governorship rally in Lagos was violently disrupted. People left the venue of the rally with varying degrees of injuries. When the fracas started the security agencies tried to take the VIPs out of the scene.

The NURTW chairman for Oshodi zone MC Oluomo, however, wasn’t so lucky. He got a knife wound on the neck. It was quite surprising that such a man would fall victim to “a mere knife”. People like Mc Oluomo who are in such enviable positions are always spiritually fortified against knife, gun and other forms of violent attacks.

According to sources who want to remain anonymous, indeed the man was fortified. But he was stabbed with a poisoned knife. The name of the poison is called “Makenje”, which literally can be translated to don’t touch the blood.

He’s lying critically ill in the hospital as doctors (both native and medical) battle to save his life. I wonder how the native – medical doctors collabo will work.  He is said to have a 50/50 survival chance.

According to some APC sources the fracas was a well-coordinated one, and it was coordinated by the top politicians. Some politicians loyal to Ambode are still pissed that he didn’t get a second term ticket. So the violence was a way to take off some focus from Babajide Sanwo-Olu

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