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Meghan Markle Causes Man to Get Fired

A former news writer at PBC news has accused Meghan Markle’s beauty of getting him fired, for this reason he’s suing.

Hugh Heckman was a news writer at PBC Newshour until he was reported to his boss for “admiring” the Duchess. According to Heckman they were using a certain picture of Duchess Meghan Markle for a story and he said “Not bad” as a way of appreciating her looks. His female co-worker heard it and reported to his boss.

He believes he was fired for that statement. However, the award winning writer, thinks PBC Newshours is practicing double standards. He’s heard his female coworkers admire men before, they even once called a politician hot, but they were not fired.

He was fired two days after he made the statement, this was in 2017, so he’s suing PBS Newshour for double standards based on gender. Heckman filed the suit against his former employers on Thursday 25th october, PBS hasn’t made a comment yet.

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