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Mercy Johnson’s Weight Loss Shocks Every One

Mercy Johnson’s weight loss photos have got all her fans talking. She’s showed of her new bod on her Instagram. Mercy Johnson is a household name in the movie industry. She’s got great acting skills and also a very voluptuous body. That kind of body people refer to as the body of an African woman. The Nollywood actress recently released pictures of herself on her social media page.

Mercy Johnson's Weight Loss

In this picture, we see she has lost so much weight. She doesn’t look voluptuous anymore, she’s still very beautiful though. Some fans wonder if the pictures are real, or photoshopped. We think the pictures are real. Some time ago, some of her fans complained that she had actually added too much weight and was blowing up really rapidly. All that’s in the past now, the 34-year-old mother of 3 is looking so much younger now. Mrs Okojie is looking so trim in the pictures, we’re are yet to hear about her weight loss journey though. When she talks about it, we’ll let you know.

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