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Morayo Afolabi-Brown – I Won’t let My Husband Bathe My Daughter

On-air personality and TV host of Your View, a morning show on TVC has come under fire recently.  Morayo and her co-hosts are always discussing trending topics.

Well, on the show Wednesday morning, when they were discussing about sexual abuse, she dropped the shocking statement

She said, “I absolutely trust my husband but I won’t take chances and have him bathe my daughter, because whether we like it or not, there is something flying in the air these days that is encouraging imbalance and immoralities”.

In continuation she said , she said: “I actually trust my husband but I’m just being careful because people that have experienced this kind of situation, also trusted their husbands and yet, it happened”.

A lot of men have been pissed by the statement, the reactions have ranged from wonder to anger.

Here are some of the reactions

DR Charles Anosike @anosikec says

Pls get psychological help, your daughter needs a stable and spiritually balanced mother…..something flying in the air these days may have provoked psychological imbalance….and immoral thoughts within you….

Chuka Victor @chukaononoye

I am not married, but this statement is just strange. We are making evil look so superior to Goodness. And we are encouragin more of “prevention and suspicion” than promotin total natural love and care within the family. I will do all I can for my daughter including bathing her

Eze Okeke‏ @ezeokeke77

If my wife said this in public space, she will have a lot of explanation to make. By the way do you bath your boys?

omoba‏ @fafomoba

  1. Are you talking from the perspective of a mother/wife or from your past experience with your father? 2. This shows you don’t even trust your husband at all. 3. This statement is even absurd to be discussed in the privacy of your room not to talk of on media.

These are just a few of the reactions. What do you think?




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