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Multi Award winning rap artiste, Weird MC is the first on ‘How it all Began’


Multi award winning artiste Weird MC, the boss of Nigerian/UK hip hop will be the one to tell us how it all started. Weird MC started rapping and performing with hip hop legends when many of the hip-hop/Afrobeat artiste we have today were still toddlers. Her Afrobeat/hip-hop hit ‘Allen Avenue’ in the 90’s laid the foundation for what we now have as afrobeat/hip-hop. Weird MC is a legend in the field of African hip hop, she is the biggest player from the 90’s whose name still rings a bell. Her popular hit ‘Ijoya’ is credited to be amongst the biggest hits in the millennium, the song produced by Don Jazzy was like an anthem in Africa due to its popularity.

We at Wingsmusic.net are excited to interview Weird MC and have her tell us what it took to become the great brand that she is.

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