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Nana Rogues’ Latest Song ‘Dont Stress’ ft. Kwesi Arthur & Stonebwoy.


The latest song by Nana Rogues titled Don’t Stress feat. Kwesi Arthur & Stonebwoy proves to many how far music production has gone. These three unique artistes through this video has shown us that there are artistes with mind-blowing potentials and talents in Africa.

Asides the visuals which are so attractive and of good quality, the lyrics are also easy to understand.

Nana Rogues – Don’t Stress Song Information
Audio release date: 21st November 2019

Video release date: 22nd November 2019
Format: Audio and video

Genre: Afro-beat/Rap

Length: 3 minutes 34 seconds

Label: NPAP Records/Virgin EMI Records

The lyrics of this lovely song “Don’t Stress by Nana Rogues lies below


Samantha She don’t give me stress

Amanda She don’t give me stress

Veronica She don’t give me stress

Anita She don’t give me stress

Dress no good She don’t give me stress

All on me She don’t give me stress

I will call you back Why stressing?

Don’t stress me

{Verse 1 – Kwesi}

I know you, hate it when adey leave you home And you dey, hate it whe I be in my zone Its why threatening me, you go leave me alone

My old team use to go through my phones I don’t drip, way kind life this

My skin got the glow cos I mind my business All she want is WIFI then more inches

Yeba aa na yeaba, clique full of ninjas Adey break down en walls till fall I bake in cologne so i smell like abroad

Facetime I knew what I’m doing in my tracks Meno meye guy never put me on pause

Why you being in my track Don’t vex If I talk you mind don’t vex

Can we talk sometimes no sex If I cut you off no regret Bet


{Verse 2 – Stonebwoy}

Girl like Louisa Ah she got the London visa

She give me pause, ah the thing way mi tease ah

Girl I say your Gucci with di bhim bhim blazer Oooh Girl like Oney She take it in and out in the morning

I know everytime she go ask fi the money No man cyan take her out she no lonely Sweet sweet sweet girl

You never ever trust me yeah Sweet sweet sweet girl You never trust me yeah

{Repeat Chorus}

You can download Nana Rogues “Don’t stress” on the following sites:

Google Play

Apple Music



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