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Nicki Minaj Sued for Copyright Infringement of “Baby Can I Hold You”

Tracy Chapman has had Nicki Minaj sued over copyright infringement of her work. Tracy Chapman was popular in the 90’ and early 2000s for some of her song such as “Fast Car”, Revolution, “Bang Bang” and “Baby Can I hold you” for which she’s actually suing Nicki.

If we remember, there was a delay in Nicki Minaj releasing her latest album “Queen”, one of the hiccups was with Tracy Chapman. The song “Sorry” which featured Nas was originally supposed to be on the Queen album. The track was pulled out last minute from the album though.

Nicki Minaj Sued for Copyright Infringement of “Baby Can I Hold You”

Since it was pulled out, why would Tracy Chapman have had Nicki Minaj sued? Well the track later surfaced online, but by the time Nicki had it pulled it was too late, a few radio stations had played it and some had even downloaded it online.

Nicki actually tried to get some sort of permission from Tracy Chapman before the song came out but “sis says no” in Nicki’s words.  “Sis says no” but the song still came out looks and it appears sis is really pissed.

Reports coming from TMZ said that the Chapman had claimed that Nicki’s “Sorry” was ripped directly from her “Baby Can I hold You” and that it also “compromised half of the lyrics an vocal melody” of her song. She’s seeking a court injunction which would see that Nicki doesn’t release the song again. Since the song surfaced online though, the Fast car singer thinks it’s a little too late, the damage has been done already.

Tracy Chapman also wants to be compensated financially for the song.

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