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Offset Buys Cardi B a Car

Cardi B is in the news again. She wasn’t caught fighting in the strip clubs or trading fists with her arch-rival Nikki Minaj. The last time she was in the news she had just surrendered herself to the police after the strip club fight. It was rumoured that she fought with the stripper because she had slept with her husband, offset. Well, Offset buys Cardi B a car, a Lamborghini and perhaps it is his way of making everything go away.

Cardi B is just is just over the clouds right now with this romantic gesture from her husband, and she’s telling everyone who cares to listen to her.

offset buys cardi b a car

The Lamborghini Urus is worth $200,000 and Cardi B is the first rapper to own the truck.  Offset went through great lengths to mask what he was doing to make it a surprise, even making her believe he had health challenges.

Well it all worked out because Cardi totally loved the surprise, her birthday is in a bit, and this might just be her husband telling her an early happy birthday. Congrats Cardi…

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